Saturday, May 9, 2009

Boring Introduction/Explanation

This post is the backstory.  I hope to clear any and all loose ends up.  Lets start at the beginning.

I've played MMOs since Ultima Online.  I dabbled in MUDs but could never get into the text based worlds.  Played lots of MMOs and ended up in World of Warcraft with people I worked with in the early part of 2006.  I played solid until 2008 when I started cancelling and reactivating my account.  I would cancel to play other MMOs.  I quit on more time to take in the launch of Warhammer Online.  

The game played like crap, but the concept was amazing.  WAR's shotty performance caused a lot of the initial player base to leave.  I bought a new computer but was now behind the ball as far as leveling goes.  In January I reactivated my Warhammer Online account.  I decided to blog my adventures.  While looking for a blog hosting site I came across the Bloghammer Initiative.  I joined my blog to it and started tracking my progress. 

The first couple of weeks were ok but the game felt dead.  Mythic worried so hard with not looking bad that they made themselves look like huge fools.  They refused to merge servers because it would make them look like failures (they finally did announce they were merging the 55 servers to something like 15, I have no idea if it happened or not).  The game just dies after T1.  You can level in the battlegrounds or PVE, but there isn't hardly any PVE.  You have to do a ton of quests, way more than any other game in my opinion, just to level.  The fastest way to level is through the battlegrounds.  So if you don't mind doing the same thing over and over and over, you can level.  It just wasn't for me.  The lack of communication between Mythic and the community was appalling (they do have forums now though).  It was just a big huge mess that I no longer felt like paying for, so I quit again in March.  The mess Mythic caused has seen almost all of those Blog Warhammer people leave.  Even after I quit I kept up with the blog roll and over the 10 "big name" blogs I followed, one is left...  We're talking blogs that were around since well before launch. Warhammer had a great concept but Mythic did a horrible job executing.

After I quit, I kept the blog alive (for like two posts) and bought the expansion to LoTRO.  That was fun but I had to cancel that after the first month for reasons aside from not wanting to play.  I was and still am sad to not play LoTRO.  Turbine has done a great job with that game.  I was actually about ready to re-subscribe to it when my wife told me I should go back to WoW and play horde.  Let me preface this by saying the group I played with played Horde, then Alliance, the back to Horde on a PVP server where we actually started raiding.  We then rerolled Alliance on a PVE server and thats when I started quitting.  The Alliance sucks in my opinion but thats what we play.  We started a guild and the whole nine yards.  The quasi-invite to play horde interested me.  I started playing again until the GM of the Alliance guild (and my best friend in RL) talked me into coming back to the alliance and being an officer.  I actually did think hard about it and eventually took him up on the offer.  I had a 74 Deathknight and a 70 Shaman but my love has always been Shadow Priest.  I had a level 40 sitting there and I told him that if I came back I would reroll to it.  Long story short, I now play a Night Elf Priest and am leveling still.  We split away from the guild because it got too casual and lost the definition of casual raiding.  We started a new guild and thats where we stand.

Getting back into the game I feel is probably one of the dullest in the market wasn't easy.  The first day was alright but after that I felt the grind again.  To get back into things, I became as absorbed as I could be.  I have hit up every news site I could find and even started listening to podcasts on WoW while I'm at work.  Its actually helped a lot as I am geeked up to hit 80 and prepare to start raiding Naxx.  The one thing I haven't done until now is to start up the blog again.  I'm hoping this time around is different and I can stick with both the game and the blog. 

On a side note, this post may or may not make any sense.  I have three children, ages nine, three, and three months.  My wife works as an overnight pediatric nurse.  I have all three kids and have had to put this down about eight times and may have lost my train of thought.  I've chosen not to edit it because its pretty raw and real.  That and I want to start the real blogging and not this "Hi, this is me" stuff.

Let the action begin!

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