Friday, May 15, 2009

Podcasts, Twitter, Oh My!

What is a podcast?

After hearing the WoW Insider Show and The Instance, and those being the only podcasts I had ever listened to, I was under the impression that they were quasi-radio shows from creative people who weren't actually on the radio. This seems to be only half true. After listening to a few more, I jumped to conclusions and ran my mouth (or fingers) during my first Podcast post. A podcast is really just a group of people who record themselves talking. If you find them interesting, good. If you don't, thats also good. I believe these dedicated people would like to have as many followers as they could, but who wouldn't?

The simple fact is the first two I listened to were WoW news heavy. They weren't wild or spontaneous. I liked them because they were news outlets instead of me having to go look everything up (but I do anyway). I listened to a few other shows and admittingly didn't "get it." After listening to more (many more) podcasts, I now understand the basis of it all. The person mentioned in my last post isn't a news reporter and doesn't have to be professional. She's just being herself which in retrospect is actually more warming than the professional facade. Now this isn't a 360 of my last post. I still very much enjoy WoW Insider and The Instance. I just now understand they have a different schtick. A podcast like Rawrcast is more edgy. It still delivers the news, but if you go in looking for a laugh you'll find it quick. My problem was I went in looking for news. Once I got my head out of my ass, I could just kick back and enjoy the show the way it is intended. I do have to say, the mash-up of comments that Rawrcast has is friggan hilarious. If you haven't heard it, head over to and check it out.

[I'm going to break in right here and edit what I had already written. Stompalina called me out on Twitter today and I have to say I am now an avid fan of the show. To be a fan of a podcast you have to be a fan of the people first. You're already a fan of the content, now you just have to be a fan of the people talking about said content. Stomp standing up and calling me out for my comments has only proven how dedicated she is to her craft. I guess I'm an uber dork and I respect that. Bravo Stomp. Can't wait until your next show!]

This brings me to another Podcast that stands out amongst the rest. Bind on Equip. This is possibly the best show to NOT find WoW news! These guys are crazy. They are hilarious and listening to their lowbie instance runs is great! They have inspired me to talk to some of my guildies and do the same exact thing. They've pleasantly reminded me that WoW isn't all about raiding and loot. Its about people and bullshitting with friends. So often we forget that.

I want to give shout outs to all the podcasts I currently listen to, but there isn't enough time in the day to do so. I've linked my very favorites over on the right of my blog. Click them all, listen to them all, love them all! I'll keep that up to date as I find new ones. If you have any that I don't, hit me up here, email, or on Twitter.

Quick paragraph about Twitter. I had used it and I mean barely. I just didn't understand the fuss. Then I started adding people from the podcasts and just replying to random stuff to just see if anyone would talk back. Wow! Now I'm addicted to Twitter!

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